Commonly Asked Questions

Why are cakes so expensive?

Cakes purchased through what we refer to as “cakeries” are not “just cake.” Whatever your event is, the cake you are purchasing, whether it be from us or a competitor, becomes a focal point at your event that will not only be talked about for years to come, but seen in photos as you re-live that day with friends and loved ones. We are creating edible works of art for your event which is why it’s so important for you as the consumer to do your research and make sure the cakery you choose can not only meet your artistic expectations, but that the cake itself is memorable for being budlight-cubsdelicious too. As I once read somewhere, you’ll have many flowers at your wedding, but only one cake. Keep that in mind regardless of your budget.

Why do you need 2-3 weeks minimum notice?

We all know that baking a cake only takes about an hour, but in addition to that, the planning, design, stacking, icing and decorating can take many, many hours. For this purpose, we have to manage our schedules pretty tightly in order to maintain our high standards.

Why don’t you post pricing on your website?

There are lots of variables that come into play when ordering a cake. What many cakeries aren’t telling you is that their posted pricing is JUST for the cake without any decoration. We typically start our “per serving” pricing around $5.00, but again there are lots of variables. For example, a sculpted cake can’t be based on a flat per serving rate since we’re actually carving cake away. This is where your baker can help you estimate what you’re going to need in order to make sure all of your guests are served.

How do I estimate the number of servings I’m going to need?

Very good question. For birthday parties and events like baby showers, this is pretty easy since you typically get rsvp’s of how many to expect. Where weddings are concerned, it gets a bit more tricky to estimate this number and this is where your baker can help you. Factors such as time of day the wedding is being held, the type of alcohol (if any) is being served and whether or not a full meal or just hors d’oeuvres are being served play a huge role in determining how many servings you’re going to need. Make sure your baker knows this information.

I don’t like fondant. Can I just have buttercream?

Most times, absolutely! Other times, designs require the structure fondant provides. Keep in mind that all of our cakes are actually covered in buttercream whether or not they get fondant over it. This provides your guests with the option of eating the fondant or just pushing it off to the side. It’s like the best of both worlds all in one!

But fondant tastes gross!!!

We absolutely 100% agree with you when it comes to the commercial grade fondant. That’s why we make our own fresh from scratch. It’s a marshmallow base that’s very tasty, we promise!

Are you home-based or do you have a storefront and how long have you been in business?

We are still currently home-based, but have been in business since November 2013 and have grown exponentially since our inception. Because we’re home-based, the majority of our business is repeat clientele that we absolutely appreciate beyond words.

high-heelDo you do cake tastings?

Absolutely! Because tastings are time consuming, we only do sit-down tastings for orders that are estimated to be more than $300. We charge $50 of which $25 can be applied to the larger order should you choose ITP as your baker at the time of the tasting. The $50 includes up to (4) cake flavors and (4) fillings with samples of both buttercream and fondant for (2) persons. Additional cake/filling combinations and/or people can be added for $10 per person or flavor.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we do. This binds us both to an agreement in the form of a non-refundable deposit of $50 for orders under $300 which secures the date or $100 for orders over $301.

Do you take payments or do I have to pay it all at one time?

Absolutely!!! Payments can be made online or in person using PayPal or of course we accept cash.

I found this cake on Pinterest. Can you duplicate it exactly?

More than likely, yes, and we will do just that if at all possible. However, keep in mind we excel when given a bit of creative freedom and that typically results in you as the customer getting more or better than what you’ve shown us.


Got a question we didn’t address? Just drop us a line.