About Us

martie-2017-1Martie Geron-Simon, Owner/Cake Artist

Native Texan with roots in the northern suburbs of Fort Worth, I come from a long line of outstanding Southern cooks who’ve turned out to be not only some of my biggest fans, but some of my harshest critics in equal measure. As one client put it “I can taste the love you bake into your cakes with every bite.” Trust me – for a Southern woman, there is no higher compliment.

Baking came quite naturally to me; the talent for decorating, however, was a huge surprise. Surrounded by traditional artists should’ve been a clue, but my talent wasn’t discovered until I made my own wedding cake in 2013 much to the surprise of everyone that has ever known me. Even though the skill was raw back then, the passion was born and both have grown exponentially with each cake or cupcake that goes out the door.

My favorite part of this whole process is developing a concept with a client and then seeing the end results of that twinkle of an idea. While I enjoy creating every item I decorate, out of the ordinary requests are where I thrive. From sculpted dinosaur heads to gravity defying chandelier cakes, there truly isn’t a request I’m not willing to tackle.


katie-2017Katie Harpole, Assistant/Cake Artist

Native of Oregon, but transplanted to Texas 30 years ago by my parents, I consider myself a Texan at heart. Being a mom of three plus a bonus kid I can’t imagine my life without and wife to Michael keeps me on my toes for most my time hence “Assistant.” ITP was definitely born out of mine and Martie’s love of working together and decorating, both of which are in short supply due to the growth of my family. I fill in where I can and am always available if Martie needs help or can’t deliver the goodies herself.

My favorite part of being a cake artist is the attention to detail. Being OCD by nature, this allows me a creative outlet to totally focus on and appease my natural urge to make sure everything is symmetrical, lined up or just perfect. Life is crazy with pre-schoolers so “caking” allows me to fully focus on a project at the same time as “playing” with food.


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Based in Hurst, Texas, and armed with a full tank of gas and a passport, there’s nowhere we won’t deliver. Using only the freshest of ingredients in time-tested recipes, we guarantee 100% satisfaction of both the appearance and quality of your order.